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 I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Consultant, and Yoga Instructor.  I spend most of my  time working closely with individuals and all types of corporations, schools and private  groups, to ensure individuals have better health, nutrition, and the lifestyle tools they need  to lead an energetic, balanced and healthy life.  I provide wellness lectures, cooking demos  and hands on cooking classes.

  I am known for my Kitchen Coaching, where I provide in-home classes to clean up and re-  stock pantries to create do-able, qucik and healthy options for everyday use and special occasions.

 Yoga-I began practicing yoga in the fall of 2000, while searching for a physical workout that strengthened my body and challenged my mind and spirit. Yoga has become a way of life for me.  I teach classes to adults and children including yoga, corefitness and tone and scupt yoga.   I completed my instructor certification program in Los Angeles, Ca.  I am registered with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT) and  YogaEd.


 My Specialties include:


  •  Nutrition Coaching for individuals and groups
  • Corporate Wellness and Health talks and interactive cooking and yoga classes
  • Quick and Healthy Meal planning
  • Yoga for individuals and groups of all levels
  • Stress Reduction
  • Time Management


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